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Risk Assessment Support Services

California Utilities, Various Sites throughout California
RPS is providing risk assessment support services for the California Utilities. Our risk assessment support activities have included preparing human health and environmental risk assessments for a wide range of potential land uses, including residential, commercial/industrial, and recreational.

Many of the risk assessments completed on behalf of the Utilities have been conducted for Former Manufactured Gas Plants (MGPs) which operated at the turn of the century.  Following cessation of activities, typically in the early 1920s, many of the MGPs were often sold to third parties and/or redeveloped for various purposes without the knowledge of the need for remediation. The chemicals of concern at most of the Sites include polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), inorganics, petroleum compounds, volatile constituents, and cyanide. The risk assessments often include the need for an analysis of potential vapor intrusion concerns, as many of the Sites were redeveloped and now contain occupied commercial and/or residential structures. Our risk assessment support activities include assisting the client in developing appropriate long-term risk management strategies and working with third party owners, nearby populations, and regulatory agencies in developing a remedial strategy that is health-protective and acceptable to all stakeholders.