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Redevelopment of Major Portion of San Francisco

Mission Bay Area, San Francisco, California
RPS provides strategic planning and environmental consulting services for Catellus Development Corporation, the developer of the unique and immensely complex mixed-used development within Mission Bay, San Francisco, California.

This project entails the redevelopment of over 300 acres of land within the heart of downtown San Francisco. Past site uses included a wide variety of manufacturing and industrial operations, including extensive rail-related operations and bulk oil and hydrocarbon products storage dating back to approximately 1902. The development of Mission Bay includes high-density housing; public and private open space; a hotel; police and fire stations; office, biotech, research and development facilities; and retail and entertainment uses. RPS continues to provide a wide range of environmental support services to numerous new owners and users of Mission Bay while facilitating development and compliance with the site Risk Management Plan written by RPS risk assessors. Early on in the Mission Bay development, our team conducted major site characterization projects and completed human health and ecological risk evaluations for the site. Using these risk evaluations, we crafted a site wide Risk Management Plan, which detailed specific measures to be undertaken during various phases of the 20-year development. The San Francisco Regional Water Quality Control Board, the designated Administering Agency under the AB2061 program, approved the site characterizations, risk evaluations, and Risk Management Plan. New users at Mission Bay include multiple UCSF facilities, residential high rises, parks, and numerous high tech ventures all of which have been supported by RPS. The development of Mission Bay - historically branded by the regulatory agencies and surrounding community as a "toxic waste site" - represents a significant achievement in the use of human health risk assessment and focused risk management in supporting efficient redevelopment of an environmentally impaired property. RPS continues to provide environmental monitoring support to the project through its evolution and construction.