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Indoor Air Quality Evaluations

Northern and Southern California
RPS remains on the cutting edge for designing and implementing indoor air quality (IAQ) evaluations.

RPS's IAQ assessments are being conducted as part of pre-acquisition assessments of industrial properties, ongoing monitoring of high tech office spaces, and support for risk management programs designed by RPS and its clients. Our largest most complex IAQ projects have been associated with transforming properties with past industrial and manufacturing uses into high tech office uses and upscale marketing and sales operations. Our work has encompassed assessing IAQ within large scale manufacturing areas including two 400,000+ square-foot aircraft hangers which sit on top of residual groundwater contamination undergoing remediation. We have incorporated assessment of building pressure systems to better understand data generated by Summa canister data collection and analyses. Our risk assessment professionals are integrated into the IAQ program design and interpretation so that risks to employees can be understood and explained. We routinely present findings to senior management and client staff.