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Former Kaiser Steel Mill Facility

San Bernardino County, California
RPS provides environmental support for the implementation of requirements of a DTSC Consent Order applicable to a 592-acre portion of the former Kaiser Steel Mill located in San Bernardino County, California.

RPS has worked with the property owner and the environmental firm responsible for executing remedial activities required by the Consent Order to ensure that these activities were completed within the term of a $15 million Remediation Stop Loss (RSL) insurance policy. Our team developed a solid relationship with DTSC personnel, and worked with the environmental firm to streamline the document preparation and approval process. As a result, remedial features, including a 28-acre RCRA cap and another 36.4 acre cap constructed over a former Class III landfill, were completed within the term of RSL policy.  RPS also provided technical assistance to the property owner in support of claims filed against both the RSL insurance policy and a companion Real Estate Environmental Liability insurance policy. Subsequent to completion of the required remedial features, the DTSC issued a "RCRA Corrective Action Completeness Determination and RCRA Facility Boundary Determination" which confirmed that, other than completion of a site-wide groundwater investigation and ongoing operations and maintenance obligations, all remedial and investigatory work required by the Consent Order has been completed. RPS has performed the groundwater remedial investigation for the site and is working with DTSC to finalize ongoing groundwater monitoring programs and a post-closure permit, consistent with RCRA requirements. RPS also performs ongoing operations and maintenance activities, which include semi-annual inspections of several site features and landfill gas monitoring as required by the South Coast Air Quality Management District Rule 1150.1 and California Code of Regulations Title 27.