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Environmental Support of Redevelopment Aviation Research and Manufacturing Facility

Los Angeles Basin, California
RPS continues to provide environmental support for the redevelopment of a major aircraft manufacturing facility in the Los Angeles Basin bordering Orange County.

The redevelopment will lead to the creation of a significant new multiple-use enterprise hub. RPS assists the developers with acquisitions through the use of environmental due diligence, and the assessment of environmental liability and human health risk to future site users. Our work includes design and installation of engineering systems for mitigation of environmental risks where needed from the principal chemicals of concern at the site: chlorinated solvents, metals, and hydrocarbons. We assist lenders, new owners, and tenants to comply with environmental covenants and risk management measures, and environmental summaries have been prepared to support marketing of the properties. Regulatory interface is provided with the Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board. The project is being developed and occupied by new users at a rapid rate of expansion.